Giant Plush Soft Penguin Toy Cute Cartoon Animal Toy Stuffed Baby Doll

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  • Our cute stuffed penguin is made of down cotton, it is more elastic and will not be deformed easily even after compression. 
  • This cuddy stuffed penguin is measure approximate 35/50/70 cm.
  • When you hug the penguin, you will feel in love with this irresistible feeling of touching it. And it helps you to reduce pressure through squeezing its plump body.
  • This adorable stuffed penguin is all handmade with fine stitches without any beads or buttons that could be torn apart, contributing to strong atmosphere of Christmas. 
  • Kids can carry the stuffed penguin along with them or use it as a pillow or just embrace it when go to sleep, which will offer a sense of security when feeling alone.
  • The stuffed penguin is washable, so that it could be played with for long. It would be better to wash it with hand. Dry it naturally under the sun and it will get back into shape soon.